Thursday, June 4, 2009

Rebel the Beads On Fire Mascot!

I haven't been very productive this week partially due to my new studio mascot who was a very unexpected surprise. A friend of mine found herself looking for a new home for a ferret who belonged to a friend of her daughter. The friend's Mom would not allow her to keep him so he needed a new home. Once he was in my arms snuggling in and licking my neck that was it I was in love. Just had to convince my husband....not generally an easy task when it comes to acquiring new pets. All parties agreed to a trial run. Well he is staying!!! He is litter trained so he is allowed to run around the studio while I am in there. I had to do some ferret proofing.... some of it is ongoing as he finds new things to get into. But what fun he is! He is like a perpetual kitten. Meet my new mascot Rebel.

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