Monday, June 1, 2009

Trying to keep up

Well It has been a week since the last post. I haven't quite fit this into my schedule yet but I will try to be better as time goes on. Another great weekend has passed. Saturday my husband, son and I went to the Adirondack Arts and Crafts show as tourists. It was wonderful to be able to take my time going through the show and to see all of the creative and talented artists and their work. We were able to speak to a few fellow Etsians. Of course I am drawn to the glass artists. There were three fusers we spoke to. Two worked primarily in the dichroic glass often associated with fused glass jewelry. Their work was gorgeous! You can see their work at their Etsy shops and Claudine was especially helpful telling us about how she creates her pieces and giving us tips on what local shows are good to apply to. I really enjoyed her expertise and ease. Her work was so clean and clear! Gorgeous work! The third glass artist had such a different take on fusing. She did not use dichroic glass in her work. Her signature beads have multicolored stripes running across them. She told us that she had an affinity for putting small pieces together to create a whole. Below is a photo of a bracelet that incorporates her signature beads.

These pieces are stunning with great color combinations! My favorite was the purple set she had on display. Stop in and see her work at Beverly was also very open about her work and creative processes. I really enjoyed talking to her. It was an inspiring day smoozing with other artists. I urge you to visit their shops an see what they have to offer you will not be disappointed!

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